The Blog Site Has Changed Again

You probably notice the blog site has changed and that it is now a secure website (https://).

Google is encouraging webmasters to change their sites into secured websites that will make it safer for internet users.

The other reason was because I wanted to set up an online store. When customers purchase products online they want to be sure their credit card details are safe and secure from prying eyes.

The original blog site had posts that were out dated and didn’t relate to the video production technology that is available today.

Since HD video arrived along with Digital TV, video cameras have now become a different breed compared to their analogue predecessors. They are:

  • lower in cost
  • using standardised AV formats
  • easier to transfer files from the camera to the editing suite

I do apologise to our regular readers for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

Soon there will be new posts relating to the exciting opportunities that are now available to video producers.

Youtube has made it possible for you to create your very own TV channel. It can be viewed all over the world by the masses using Smart TV’s (Wifi and ethernet connection to the internet).

Stay tuned for more content

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