[Video] wxFormBuilder: Build a Python Gif Viewer – 3

If you are reading part 3 of this series, it means I have your attenction and you are very interested in this tutorial series. You will learn how to build a GIF viewer using python, wxpython widgets and the free open source application wxFormBuilder.

This tutorial shows the difference between python and xrc GUI code. It also shows you how to add a main loop to the wxFormBuilder generated python code.

The main loop is what will make your GIF viewer run.

Here is the main loop code you need to add to your wxFormBuider generated python GUI code.

Remember to replace the <framename> text with the actual frame name e.g. frameMain

But when you run the code in IDLE you will realise as in the video, the code doesn’ t work. That is because the code needs to be cleaned and reformatted. You could do this with IDLE but that is a messy  process.

You can do it automatically with a python script, which will be provided in the following videos.

If you have any questions or comments please post them on my YouTube video.

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